About Me

Hello and welcome to The Baldwin Lexicon!

My name is Kerri McIntyre and I am an MA student in Modernities: Literature, Theory and Culture from the Romantics to the Present at University College Cork. I also attended UCC for my undergraduate degree, receiving a BA in English.

My research interests are in intersectional literature and theory. I am especially interested in studying James Baldwin’s writings as a precursor to intersectionality, a term which was coined in the 1980s by Kimberlé Crenshaw.

Outside of intersectional theory and literature, I have an interest in post and anti-colonial literature, fiction in translation, and music in fiction. I’m also very interested in the figure of the lesbian in supernatural fiction and the idea of matriarchal utopias and matriarchal communities and lineages in literature.

My undergraduate dissertation was entitled ‘Jimmy’s Blues: Blues and Jazz in James Baldwin’s Fiction’ and it explored the inter-generational efforts in the formation of black musical genres such as blues and jazz, and the ways in which Baldwin employed these genres in his writing, in terms of form, style and content to create the jazz novel.

Anticipate many posts on James Baldwin and diverse literature on this blog! I’ll be writing about race, gender, class, sexuality, ability, etc., and how all of these experiences and identities intersect in literature.